Barca Round 2

We arrived Sunday afternoon in Barcelona. It felt great to back in the European city I know best! After we settled into our hostel, Alana googled a great Indian restaurant where we decided to eat lunch. Not exactly the most Spanish cultural experience but a delicious meal regardless!

Afterwards we went to my favorite Irish pub in Barcelona called George Payne to watch the Spain vs. Italy round 1 game of the Eurocup. I became friends with a bartender there from two summers ago watching many World Cup games so it was great to be back and to see him again! Spain ended up in a tie with Italy, which is something I despise about soccer. It was a great game nonetheless and so much fun to watch another Spain “futbol” game!

Here is a photo of me, Alana and her brother Alex at the sweaty bar George Payne:


Sunday night we went with Alana’s brother Alex who is studying abroad in barcelona for the summer to a music festival called El Row. It was pretty crazy and featured people on stilts and with African drums. It was like nothing I had ever seen before!

Monday was our day of touring Barcelona. Since Alana and I have already been, we showed Roxy around the city. We went to see Gaudi’s Segrada Familia, La Pedrera and Park Guell. We also went to the top of Montjuic and took a cable car down to the beach. It was great to see the whole city again!

Here is a photo of us on the roof of La Pedrera, an apartment complex designed by Gaudi:


Here is a photo of us at Park Guell:


After our tour we attempted to go to this famous paella place for dinner. Of course, in proper Spanish style, they were closed for a siesta. Now, normally siestas last from 3-5pm in the evening but this siesta lasted for two whole days with no sign of it reopening. Spanish lifestyle sure is different!

That night we went to a club on the beach called Opium. It was a great time! More on Barcelona later…


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