Anxiously Waiting…

You know those times when you are literally staring at the clock waiting for a class, work or something to be over? It reminds me of the days sitting in a high school class staring at the minute hand waiting for the bell to ring. Unless of course that douchebag of a teacher decided to cover the clock with paper just to torture you more…

This time is slightly different because instead of waiting for something to end, I am waiting for something to begin. It is now 5:52pm Eastern Standard Time. I am going to go pick up Roxy from her house and told her we are going to leave my house at 6pm. I have been sitting here, fully prepared to go to the airport for over an hour now and am going insane. CAN’T WE JUST LEAVE ALREADY?! I am ready to board the plane, pass out and wake up in Dublin, Ireland.

Figured a blog post would be a good way to pass the time. Clearly it didn’t help too much because now it is 5:55pm…

Talk to you all in Dublin (unless I am extremely bored at Logan Airport and decide to post again in Boston. Let’s hope not!)


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